Get Inaugurate on Thursday (8/29/2019), How Much The Salary For DPRD's Member?

The salaries of Batam City Regional Representative Council (DPRD)'s member for 2019-2024 get answered by Head of Batam City DPRD's Public Relations.

Get Inaugurate on Thursday (8/29/2019), How Much The Salary For DPRD's Member? ULY SIANTURI
Head of Batam City DPRD's Batam Public Relations - The salaries of Batam City Regional Representative Council (DPRD)'s member for the 2019-2024 period, which were immediately inaugurate on Thursday (8/29/2019), are not much different from the previous councilors.

After taking the oath as a member of the Batam City DPRD in 2019-2024, they will get his salary and rights.

Not only the basic salary is obtained by members of the Batam City DPRD, but also gets allowance
, such as communication allowances, transportation allowances, and other benefits.

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If it is totaled, salaries plus allowances, each member will get IDR 30 million to IDR 40 million per month.

"The salary for each Batam City DPRD member is regulated in accordance with Government Regulation (PP) No. 18 of 2018," said Taufik, Head of Batam City DPRD's Public Relations, Tuesday (27/08/2019).

Tuafik said the basic salary of DPRD's members ranged about Rp.4,250,000. If there is a member who receives a salary up to Rp.5,900,000, the position is definitely above the members.

Not only the basic salary, the new Batam City DPRD's member will also get various benefits.

The communication allowance is around Rp. 12 million while the transportation allowance is around Rp. 11,400,000.

"The total amount that member will receive each month by board members starts from Rp. 30 to Rp. 40 million," he said.

Taufik explained that the DPRD's members cannot get official vehicles at this time.

"For the position of chairman and vice chairman, they will still get vehicle facilities. The chairman's position is no different from the previous, getting a Toyota Fortuner. While the vice chairman is prepared by Toyota Camry, but not yet confirm it," said Taufik. ( uly siantury )

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