Will 'Sell' Batam to Abroad, This is the List of Batam Tourism Promotion Department Tasks

Pemko Batam established the Batam Tourism Promotion Department tasks, to development tourist destinations in Batam. Here's the details of their tasks

Will 'Sell' Batam to Abroad, This is the List of Batam Tourism Promotion Department Tasks
Batam Mayor, HM Rudi, inaugurated the management of Badan Promosi Pariwisata Batam for the 2019-2023 period. The inauguration of the policy makers and the implementing elements of the agency was held on Tuesday (3/9) at the 4th floor of the Batam Mayor Building. 

Then, they're also do the coaching of Human Resources in the Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition (MICE) sector. 

"In MICE, we haven't moved yet so much. Even though the potential is huge. We must do this, so, in the future Batam's tourism branding will become more famous," Rahman said while hoping that Batam could become a MICE City.

The secretary of Badan Promosi Pariwisata Batam, Febriansyah said that, the formation of the Badan Promosi Pariwisata just only in the first period in Batam

"For all this time, the tourism associations in Batam was walk alone, but now, we are gathering. We are doing the promotion together, with an eye to, Batam tourism will be more loudly outward," said Febriansyah. ( haryati)

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