The Dream of BJ Habibie for Batam, Want Batam To Be The Center of Aerospace Industry

BJ Habibie came to Batam. Habibie wanted to build the aerospace industry in Batam. Here his stories.

The Dream of BJ Habibie for Batam, Want Batam To Be The Center of Aerospace Industry
BJ Habibie, BATAM - Last April, 3rd President of INDONESIA, BJ Habibie came to Batam. He visited in several places in Batam

This moment utilized by the former head of Batam's Authority (Otorita Batam), reaffirmed to his early dreams. Habibie wanted to build the aerospace industry in Batam. Batam will be used as an aircraft production center, so it can be a connector for all regions in Indonesia. 

When he first came to Batam, "Bapak Pembangunan Batam" has delivered his intention to the then Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew. He wanted to make Batam as the center of aerospace industry. This is confirmed when he coming back to Batam.

"I came here (Batam) not only for Pollux. I have decided to the aerospace industry will be centered in Batam, "said Habibie, Monday (29/4). 

To produce airplanes, Indonesia can cooperate with Singapore, or Malaysia. Or anyone according to his ability.

"We've already attest. We are able to make it. We've developed three airplanes. I want to move it here in Batam, and everything is high-tech," he said.

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It's said that in the manufacture of airplanes, 40 percent of the raw materials are manufactured by Boeing, while the 60 is manufactured by suppliers. 

"But vendors companies have to compete. He will come as close as possible in a comfortable place, there are infrastructures, good economics, there's a good system, good rules, transparent and so on," said Habibie. 

Why airplanes?

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Habibie insists, in the construction and development of products in Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke, infrastructure becomes very important. 

"We can't make trains from Sabang to Merauke. Because 70 percent of Indonesia's territory consists of oceans," he said.

Nor does it rely solely on ships. Because it only til the beach. The only way, we have to make an airplane. Meanwhile, if importing aircraft from abroad especially in large quantities, it will cost a lot of money. 

"We can't import airplanes. How to repay? It can't be in the form of Rupiah. We have to pay with the desired currency," said Habibie. (Wie)

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