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Not Just Cheap, Grand Niaga Mas TPID Market Is Also Equipped With Culinary Tourism

Batam Mayor Muhammad Rudi inaugurated Batam TPID Market. TPID market is an innovation that was successfully developed offers culinary tourism in Batam

Tim Pengendalian Inflasi daerah (TPID) market was inaugurated by Mayor of Batam, Saturday (9/21/2019) attended by Vice Mayor of Batam Amsakar Ahmad, representative Ministry of Empowerment, State Apparatus Deputy for Service Division of Diah Natalisa and Ministry of Trade, Secretary of Directorate General Consumer Protection and Orderly Affairs Niaga Chandrini Mestika Dewi. - Batam TPID or Regional Inflation Control Team Market was recently inaugurated by Batam Mayor Muhammad Rudi, Saturday (9/21/2019) is expected to return the price of basic commodities.

TPID Market is an innovation that was successfully developed by Batam Department of Industry and Trade (Disperindag).

In the inauguration of TPID market, Kadisperindag Gustian Riau hopes that operations can take place starting at 07:00 WIB until 15:00 WIB at Grand Niaga Mas Batam Center Market.

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"I appeal if the market can be open from 07:00 WIB until 15:00 WIB," Hope Gustian, Saturday (9/21/2019).

Gustian also hopes that citizens who make purchases in TPID market located in Ruko Grand Niaga Mas complex will not have to overdo it as needed because it is feared that it will be misused by individuals who want to resell the staples.

"It is not allowed to buy too much, only as needed because it is feared that when purchasing too much it is afraid of being misused," Gustian said at TPID market location.

Gustian also appealed to citizens of Batam, especially housewives, to buy basic necessities for daily needs in TPID market.

"I appeal to citizens of Batam for coming to TPID market and shop for basic necessities," Gustian said.

Gustian continued that markets in Batam City adjust prices to TPID market.

"Other markets can synergize prices with TPID market," continued Gustian.

TPID market is also planned to be a place of tourism, where on the second floor of TPID market, culinary attractions are made for people who shop at market. (TRIBUNBATAM.ID/ALAMUDIN)

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