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Fisheries Product Sales Reach of 10.43 Million US Dollars at the 2019 Trade Expo Indonesia

This number increased by 7.26 percent compared to the transaction value of fishery products in 2018 TEI.
Transactions of fishery products reached 10.43 million US dollars or around Rp 146.02 billion at the international trade exhibition, Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) 2019. - Transactions of fishery products reached 10.43 million US dollars or around Rp. 146.02 billion at the 2019 International Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) international trade show.

This number increased by 7.26 percent compared to the transaction value of fishery products in 2018 TEI.

"The transaction is dominated by canned fish, tuna, tilapia, shrimp, octopus, squid, catfish, skipjack, seaweed, unagi, and fish sauce," said Director General of Strengthening Competitiveness of Marine and Fisheries Products (PDS), Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), Agus Suherman in a press release, Tuesday (10/22/2019).

Furthermore, Agus added, transactions in the 2019 TEI event were obtained through agreements with buyers from 25 partner countries. 

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The buyer countries that have made transactions include Africa, the Middle East, Vietnam, England, China, Mexico, Japan, Maldives, Russia, Myanmar, Thailand, Brazil, Hong Kong, Spain, Romania, India, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Maldives, Algeria, Malaysia, Colombia, South Korea, and Canada, and Turkey.

Meanwhile, KKP presented 12 business people in TEI 2019 through the Indonesian Seafood Pavilion. The aim is to promote and conduct trade transactions while promoting Indonesian quality fishery products

The range of fishery products promoted are canned fish, shrimp, tuna, cephalopods, demersal and pelagic fish, value added, small crab, catfish / pangasius, and Unagi Kabayaki.

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In addition, on the sidelines of the 2019 TEI event, KKP together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs intensively conducted an integrated promotion of Indonesian fishery products through Business Forum, Business Matching, and Business Gathering activities.

This was done to increase the promotion and export of Indonesian fishery products to the global market. 

Whereas in 2018, Indonesia ranks 12th as a seafood exporting country to the global market with an export value of 4.8 billion US dollars.

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The export value of Indonesian fishery products has increased since 2014 with an average of 1.66 percent.

Indonesian seafood exports are dominated by shrimp, tuna, skipjack, cob, crab, squid, cuttlefish and octopus products. The main market destinations include the US, Japan, the European Union, China and ASEAN countries. (*) 

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