Two New Special Economic Zones in Batam Become Hopes to Improve Economy Growth

Two Special Economic Zones (KEK) in Batam will be realized. Application of KEK could be new hope for economic movement in Batam. Here the details.

Two New Special Economic Zones in Batam Become Hopes to Improve Economy Growth
Tribun Batam/Leo Halawa
Nongsa Digital Park. - Two Special Economic Zones (KEK) in Batam will be realized in the near future.

So what are the benefits for Batam?

Indonesian Employers' Association (Apindo) of Batam City hopes that the application of KEK can support implementation of Free Trade Zone (FTZ) that has existed before.

It is known, the government offers new facilities with application of this KEK, without reducing existing facilities.

Batam Traffic Light at Sagulung Port Intersection Struck by Lightning

"So there is a choice for investors, whether to utilize FTZ or KEK facilities. Tailored to their individual needs," said Chairman of Batam City Apindo, Rafki Rasyid told Tribun, Tuesday (10/29/2019).

He hopes that with KEK there will be more investors investing in Batam.

The realization of KEK in Batam, was also positively welcomed by Batam Real Estate Indonesia (REI).

Chairman of Batam's Special REI DPD, Achyar Arfan, is optimistic that the prospects for 2020 property will be better.

Especially with the planned KEK realization at Hang Nadim Airport and Nongsa Digital Park (NDP).

From the results of discussions with other friends, application of KEK could be said to be new hope for economic movement in Batam.

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