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Ministry of Transportation Reveals 5 Sea Toll Monopoly Modes

The Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) revealed 5 modes of sea toll monopoly carried out by private companies.
Sea Toll Boat at the Port of Tenau, Kupang, NTT, Wednesday (8/21/2019) - The Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) revealed 5 modes of sea toll monopoly carried out by private companies.

Director of Traffic and Sea Transportation at the Ministry of Transportation, Wisnu Handoko, said that there are various points that have the potential to carry out a monopoly, ranging from shipper, consignee, forwarder, to loading and unloading labor (TKBM). 

The first mode, Wisnu said, the point that has the potential to conduct a monopoly is the shipper or the forwarding agent who controls the order.

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"It could be that the shipper uses a different name, but behind one," said Wisnu, Friday (11/01/2019). 

Other modes, forwarders who also act as consignees. According to him, consignees can use their management services or forwarders can supply more goods, so prices do not go down.

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Third, if the shipping company or operator only serves limited forwarders or 1 to 3 forwarders only. Thus, orders for forwarders from these operators are higher. 

Not only that, the other mode is that there is only 1 TKBM serving 1 port. Because there is no competition at the port, even service users have no other choice, so the fees set will be higher. 

Furthermore, consignees who sell goods at higher prices even though they have received sea toll subsidies from the government.

According to him, consignees who buy goods in large quantities do not necessarily sell at prices lower than market prices. (*) 

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