The Mayor of Batam Opens Auction for Demolition of the Jodoh Main Market

Muhammad Rudi, will soon meet the Minister of Trade of the Kabinet Indonesia Maju, Agus Suparmanto.

The Mayor of Batam Opens Auction for Demolition of the Jodoh Main Market DA Nugroho
A number of residents collected fragments of the main market building which are still of economic value, before being torn down by the Batam City government, Friday (11/01/2019). -  The Mayor of Batam, Muhammad Rudi, will soon meet the Minister of Trade of the Kabinet Indonesia Maju, Agus Suparmanto, regarding the continued revitalization of the Jodoh Main Market, Batam.

Rudi also admitted that currently his party is opening an open auction for the process of dismantling the wholesale market.

"We will hold an auction because it uses state funds. But if there are people who want to take it, go ahead, we are social," said Rudi, Monday (11/04/2019). 

Currently, the Batam City Government through the Department of Industry and Trade will also calculate assets in the Jodoh Main Market.

But until now, Rudi has not revealed the potential loss of the state from the control and cleaning of the building. 

"As for assets, the calculation is still in process," he said. 

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Meanwhile, in his meeting with the Minister of Trade later, Rudi will present a new Main Market development project that will have 5 floors.

Where the ground floor will be for the fresh food market, while the other 4 floors will be for traders who sell clothes and others. 

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He also thanked to the Street Vendors (PKL) who finally chose to move to a location that had been designated by the Batam Government. 

So that the integrated team is still doing the cleaning up of building post-demolition conducted some time ago. ( Uly Sianturi) 

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