Polda Kepri Holds Free Cataract Surgery, 334 People Register to Be Patients

Indonesia is ranked in second highest blindness case after Eutopia and ranked first in Southeast Asia.

Polda Kepri Holds Free Cataract Surgery, 334 People Register to Be Patients
The team of doctors is carrying out cataract operations in the social service activities of the Riau Islands Regional Police, Saturday (9/11/2019), BATAM - The percentage of cataract sufferers in Indonesia is quite high. Because of the two million people of Indonesia, nearly 1.5 percent of them suffer from cataracts and more than 50 percent of cases cause blindness.

Indonesia is ranked second highest blindness case after Eutopia and ranked first in Southeast Asia. With that risk, the Riau Islands Regional Police and its ranks and related stakeholders carry out social activities for cataract operations. The event was held at the Bhayangkara Riau Islands Police Hospital in Batam, Saturday (11/09/2019). 

In this activity, as many as 334 patients registered for cataract operations. There were 152 patients who met screening for eligibility and 182 patients had pterygium (fat covering the eyepiece) and treatment had to be taken immediately.

The activity was attended by the Riau Islands Police Irwasda, the Riau Islands Police Chief, the Riau Islands Police Chief, the Bhayangkari Regional Chair and management, Director of the Awal Bros Batam Hospital, TNI unit commanders, Riau Islands Dinkes, BP Batam, Jasa Raharja, and Batam IDI. 

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On this occasion, the Chief of Riau Islands Police, Inspector General Pol Andap Budhi Revianto expressed his gratitude to all elements for their cooperation and support during the free cataract operation. 

"I express my deepest gratitude to all elements who have assisted this activity. Thank you also to Mr. Andreas, as a Chairperson of the Himpunan Bersatu Teguh and the Bala Bentara Indonesia, Sandy Wibowo, 12 members of the Ophthalmologist Team, Kepri Health Department, BP Batam, Director of Awal Bros Hospital, and Director of BP Batam Hospital , "Andap said in his speech. 

On the same occasion and activity, the Riau Islands Regional Police in cooperation with the Himpunan Bersatu Teguh provided microscopy assistance to schools in Batam City. Representatives from the Junior High School 6 Batam (SMPN 6), Senior High School 1 Batam, SMAN 3 Batam, SMAN 5 Batam, SMAN 15 Batam, SMAN 9 Batam and Putra Jaya Batam Foundation. 

By providing this microscope, it is hoped that it can help the learning process in these schools, so that future doctor candidates are born. ( 

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