Now Padang Rice is Served in a Bowl, New Innovations from Padang To Go

The latest Minang restaurant outlet, Padang To Go, sees a new opportunity, replacing paper packages into disposable bowls.

Now Padang Rice is Served in a Bowl, New Innovations from Padang To Go
Minang cuisine in Padang To Go. ( Agmasari) - When wrapping Minang cuisine, or better known as Nasi Padang (Padang rice), it usually uses food wrap paper.

The latest Minang restaurant outlet, Padang To Go, sees a new opportunity, replacing paper packages into disposable bowls. 

To add to the practicality of consumers, side dishes served in a bowl by Padang To Go are chopped or cut into small pieces. This is somewhat easier for consumers, so no need to bother eating without a spoon like eating Padang rice as usual. 

Examples of side dishes are suaved pop chicken or chopped green chili squid.

But if you choose to eat directly at the Padang To Go outlets, visitors will still be served side dishes such as minang restaurants that are not cut or shreded.

When eating at a direct outlet, visitors can also see a unique food display like a kapau restaurant. 

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So the side dishes are not in a glass display case, but on a plate placed on a display like a ladder.

Talking about taste, it seems no need to worry because one of the owners of Padang To Go, Wahyu Budi Tamtama is part of the quality control of the famous Minang restaurant that has existed since the 1970s. 

For example, salted egg squid, Padang To Go innovation dish served with jackfruit vegetable and green chili sauce. Squids taste soft and fresh, covered in salted egg sauce.

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In addition to ready foods, Padang To Go also sells various rendang packages and plans to add sweet food variants such as champagne porridge and various traditional Minang cakes. 

Padang To Go is in the area of M Bloc Space, st. Sisingamangaraja 37, South Jakarta. The location is in the house at the far left corner, bordering the direct basketball court.

Prices of food sold by Padang To Go start at Rp 35,000 per serving. (*) 

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