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The Body Shop Presents 2 New Scents For Body Care and Christmas Promo

The Body Shop released two of the latest scent variants for Christmas special body care product series. Here the package and price for these offers.
The Body Shop staff showing one of the latest special Christmas edition products. - Welcoming Christmas, The Body Shop released two of the latest scent variants in body care series.

The Body Shop Supervisor, Rudi said the newest product began to enter Batam on November 7, 2019.

There are two new scents in this Christmas special body care product series, namely Juicy Pear and Rich Plum.

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The latest product comes with the scent of Pear and also Plum which has a refreshing sensation.

Both scents are dominated by different colors.

Juicy Pear is dominated by green, while for Rich Plum is dominated by purple.

As for products that have both scents, including shower gel, body scrub, body butter, body yogurt, hand lotion, marbled soap, and many more.

For November promo, The Body Shop gives special offers for member, buying two items of Christmas edition special items to get 15 percent discount for FAN members and 10 percent for CLUB members.

Rudi said, the purchase of Christmas special products can be accompanied by purchases of other The Body Shop products.

"Beside that, we also present gift packages or special Christmas gifts, with choices and also varying prices," said Rudi, Wednesday (11/13/2019).

Christmas special packages that come with these attractive packages, visitors can choose with the contents of two or more products.

For the price of Christmas special package, it starts at IDR 80 thousand to IDR 500 thousand.

"Not only for women's products, this time we also present a package that can be owned by men," he said.

These new products and special Christmas packages can be found in all The Body Shop stores in Batam, namely Nagoya Hill, Mega Mall, Kepri Mall and Grand Batam Mall. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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