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Trial Practice, Batam International University (UIB) Takes Law Students to Court

A total of 105 third semester students directly observed and saw the trial in the Batam District Court.

A total of 105 third semester students, immediately made observations and saw first hand the trial at the Batam District Court, Thursday (11/22/2019), BATAM - For law school students, it is not enough to just theorize on campus.

This was stated by lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Batam International University (Universitas Internasional Batam), Tantimin SH MH.

That is what drives the UIB campus to bring law students to the Batam District Court on Thursday (11/21/2019).

A total of 105 third semester students directly observed and saw the trial in the Batam District Court. 

In connection with law courses in criminal procedure practice.

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"So this practice is very beneficial for students. So it is not enough to just theory," said Tantimin. 

The students gathered in the main courtroom received a public lecture from the Chairman of the Batam District Court, Wahyu Iman Santoso.

Wahyu explained the flow of the trial in force in the class IA court.

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Starting with the transfer of cases by the Public Prosecutor to the ruling by the Court Judge. 

Furthermore, Registrar Sophan Girsang also explained his work. 

He explained that some of the work of court clerks was to assist judges in civil and criminal proceedings.

Also records proceedings, makes minutes, types draft decisions and signs minutes and decisions.

Report the trial activities to the young clerk concerned precisely and accurately.

For the explanation, students were happy with the campus program. The activity ended with a group photo. ( halawa) 

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