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Heboh Soal Ujaran Tak Berdarah Indonesia, Fadli Zon Sebut Agnez Mo Malin Kundang

Fadli Zon sebut Agnez Mo 'Maling Kundang' dan durhaka. Terkait ujarannya yang tak ada darah di Indonesia.

Agnez Mo 

Learn to watch the whole thing instead of taking things out of context. For people who support me, i love you

HARI AIDS Sedunia - 5 Film yang Bertemakan AIDS, Bohemian Rhapsody hingga Mika

For people who want to misunderstand me, i love you and i forgive you.

Believe me, i dont have a single ounce of grudge or anger towards you.

For all the clout chasers, I pray for you so you could find peace in ur heart

#TheBibleTellsMeSo My heart is full. No matter what you say,

#Indonesia represent. #AGNEZMO Love & Forgive 

( Agung BS) 

Artikel ini telah terbit di dengan judul Disebut Malin Kundang Durhaka oleh Fadli Zon, Ini Curahan Kekesalan Agnez Mo 'Shame on You, Hatred!'

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