After the Riot between Conventional Taxis and Online Taxis, Officers Tighten the Safeguards

The polemic between conventional taxis and online taxis in Batam City again occurred on Tuesday (12/03/2019). nur fadillah
the atmosphere of the traffic flow in front of the Batam Center Harbor after the commotion between conventional taxi drivers and online taxis, Tuesday (12/03/2019), BATAM - The polemic between conventional taxis and online taxis in Batam City again occurred on Tuesday (12/03/2019).

This time, the chaos between the two sides broke out at the Batam International Ferry Port, Batam City.

This riot occurred shortly after the commotion at Hang Nadim Airport which occurred some time ago.

Tribun Batam monitoring at the location, after the commotion, the atmosphere around the port seemed so tense. 

Several police and port security officers appear to be still on location. 

Not only that, the police patrol car also seemed to be still around the location and outside the location to prevent the further clashes.

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As a result, traffic flow around Batam's Engku Putri square and the Batam Business Entity (BP) roundabout area has stalled. 

The passengers from the harbor looked scared and did not seem to believe if a commotion would occur again around the area. 

It also appears that the Go-Jek driver also gathered around the location.

Allegedly, dozens of these drivers did not accept one of their colleagues also affected by the commotion.

Until this news was written, the relevant security forces seemed to continue to maintain conditions around the port area. ( nur fadillah/argianto/leo halawa/roma uly sianturi) 

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