Batam Ogura Presents New Variety of Milky Taste, Batam Ogura Off White

Batam Ogura is one of brands in Batam City. Batam Ogura has a mainstay product in the form of Japanese cheese cake that is modified, has new taste.

Batam Ogura Presents New Variety of Milky Taste, Batam Ogura Off White
Chef showing the newest product from Batam Ogura, namely Batam Ogura Off White which has milky taste. - Souvenirs are not something that is brought only when someone is on vacation or traveling outside the area.

However, souvenirs can also be brought during a visit to the home for colleague or relative.

One of souvenir brands in Batam is Batam Ogura.

These souvenirs were present in the midst of Batam citizens on September 9, 2017.

As the name "Ogura", Batam Ogura has a mainstay product in the form of Japanese cheese cake that is modified in such a way, so it has a taste that can be accepted by various groups.

Batam Ogura Operations Manager, Hendri Ferdianto said, it continues to be committed to releasing different products each year, not least at the end of 2019.

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"The latest product from us this time is Batam Ogura Off White, which is steamed cake with soft texture and delicious milk taste," he stressed, Monday (2/12/2019).

Hendri said the product which was just launched last Sunday (1/12/2019) had white and pink colors, showing the characteristics of Batam Ogura itself.

Having a diameter of 17 cm and a height of almost 4 cm, the cake can be had by community at price of only IDR 29 thousand.

"For durability, Batam Ogura Off White be able to last 4 to 5 days outside the refrigerator, if you enter a refrigerator it can be more than that," said Hendri.

In terms of concept, Batam Ogura carries the tagline "Lembut Melekat Sejiwa" for its newest product.

The philosophy of tagline is, through Batam Ogura Off White is expected be able to bring a soft taste and be able to stick in the hearts of consumers.

Meanwhile, Batam Ogura Regional Operations Manager, Khairul Soleh said the presence of latest product variant is expected to be an alternative for the community in selection of souvenirs ahead of Christmas and New Year.

"Batam Ogura Off White is indeed very fitting to be taken everywhere. Besides not requiring a chiller as a storage area, this cake has a light weight, "he said.

The public can find the latest product from Batam Ogura namely Batam Ogura Off White in all branches in Batam. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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