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Streak Accident on Gajah Mada Tiban street, Batam, A Number of Riders was get Injured

Streak accidents on the Gajah Mada street section, Sekupang District, are estimated to occur around 18:45 WIB, Wednesday (12/4/2019) night.
The atmosphere of the crowd after the accident in Gajah Mada Tiban street 

TRIBUNBATAM.ID, BATAM - Streak accidents on the Gajah Mada street section, Sekupang District, Batam are estimated to occur around 18:45 WIB, Wednesday (12/4/2019) night. observations, a number of residents crowded along the road.

As a result, the traffic flow was totally paralyzed.

While the police officers seemed to be trying to unravel the congestion.

Provisional allegations, a series of accidents caused by a unit car container experiencing brake failure, so that hit other motorists. 

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Reportedly, several people suffered serious injuries and were rushed to the hospital.

The location of the accident was exactly on the People's Crossing Bridge or called (Jembatan Penyebrangan Orang (JPO)) in Tiban Kampung. 

This accident involved several vehicles.

As a result of the accident, a number of cars were heavily damaged.

In addition, the flow of vehicle traffic from Sei Ladi to Sekupang was totally jammed due to this series of accidents.


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