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Promo Before Christmas, HYPERMART Holds Discounts Up to 25 Percent, Hurry Come and Shop!

Towards Christmas 2019, Hypermart presents attractive promos from discounted prices, special prices to 25 percent discounts.

Hypermart - Towards Christmas 2019, Hypermart presents attractive promos from discounted prices, special prices to 25 percent discounts.

This promo is valid at Hypermart in Java, Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Mataram until 25 December 2019. 

As for some products with a 25 percent discount, among others; Masako taste of chicken/beef 100 grams and 250 grams, 169 grams of Sukro Dua Kelinci nuts (snack). There is also a 20 percent discount for products such as sambal Dua Belibis all variant, 180 gram and 500 gram Bonanza beef meatballs, Pazar all variant brand cooking spices, and Elenka Fiber Crème all variant. 

Meanwhile you can also enjoy 15 percent discounts on products such as TJ Honey, 150 gram, 250 gram and 500 gram. Citato potato chips roast size 120 grams, Ritz Craker size 100 grams and Ritz Slug size 118 grams.

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You can also enjoy a 10 percent discount for a variety of products, Bernadi fish meatballs and coarse meatballs 25 pc, 1 liter Diamond Juice all variants, Bega Cheese all variant, Campina Ribbon Ice Gold 100 ml, Bell Cheese Perfecto Mozzarella and V Soy Milk all variants , Delmonte Extra Hot 360 ml sauce.

There are also Delmonte Spaghetti & Barbeque Sauce 330 grams, Pondan Pancake 250 grams, Oishi Popcorn chocolate and 100 gram Caramael, Greenfield UHT 125 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml all variant and Ritz Crakers 300 gram. 

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In addition there are special price discounts for dairy products such as Rp. 24,000 for Lactogrow 4 and Lactogrow 3 milk in 750 gram sizes. Rp 17,000 discount for Nutrilon Royal 4 in 1800 gram size.

Discounted price of IDR 30,000 for Chil Kid / Chil School product size of 800 grams of all variants. Discounted Rp. 9,000 for the S26 Procal Vanilla 1.4 kg. Discounts of IDR 6,000 for Bebelac 5+ size of 700 grams. Discounted price of Rp.4,000 for Frinsian Flag 1-3 and 4-6 for each 800 grams and Frinsian Flag 1-3 and 4-6 in size of 1200 gram get discounted price of Rp.6,000 discount. Buy two Indomilk Full Cream, instant and chocolate box size of 800 gram and get Rp. 10,000 of discount. 

Baby products, Mamy Poko Pants standard HPM S48, M40, L36 and XL 30 can be discounted at Rp. 8,650, Merries S43, M 34, L30 and Xl 26 diapers get Rp. 2,750. Vanish pouch 425 ml, White pouch 425 ml and 400 gram Powder can be discounted Rp. 14,000. (*) 

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