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Keep Nature Beautiful, the Gunung Kijang Police Chief, TNI and the Camat Planting 60 Tree Seedlings

The tree planting activity was in the context of supporting the National Police's program to carry out reforestation. See the details.

During the Mount Kijang Police Chief, AKP Monang together with the Head of the Gunung Kijang Sub-District, Arief Sumarsono and the TNI and Tagana planted durian seedlings during the reforestation event held at the Gunung Kijang Sector Police Station, Friday (10/1/2020). - The Gunung Kijang Police Station along with the TNI, Tagana and Gunung Kijang Camat conducted tree planting in the Gunung Kijang Mapolsek jurisdiction, Bintan Regency, Friday (10/1/2020).

The trees planted are hard trees including Durian, Mango, Matoa, and others.

The tree planting activity was in the context of supporting the National Police's program to carry out reforestation. 

This is also an implementation of the National Police's policy to plant trees in mako locations of the Polsek and Polres.

"We are doing this activity simultaneously throughout Indonesia. This morning there was an activity at the Bintan Police Station, and we are now holding it again in the jurisdiction of the Gunung Kijang Sector Police together with the TNI, camat and Tagana," said the Gunung Kijang Police Chief, AKP Monang P Silalahi.

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Monang said, there were 60 tree seeds planted around his headquarters. 

Monang said that if we want to be loved by nature, we must also love nature. One of them by greening the nature. 

Meanwhile, the Head of Gunung Kijang camat, Arief Sumarsono, appreciated the activity of the Gunung Kijang Police Sector. 

According to him this is important so that the environment feels more beautiful. 

"The air will be fresher if a lot of greening. I think this activity deserves to be an example for every citizen, at least there are trees that grow," said Arief.  ( simamora/) 

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