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Became New Destination, Raja Ali Haji Museum's Revitalization Will Be Completed

Raja Ali Haji Museum's revitalization in Batam will be completed soon. This place will be a new travel destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

Foreign tourists at former National MTQ building in Batam. The building will later become a museum and named Raja Ali Haji Museum. 

Feeling of comfort will immediately be felt by visitors as they enter the museum.

On each wall there is display of photographs from time to time, complete with narration, so visitors can know the history  based on time.

"For example the era of Riau Lingga kingdom," he said.

He explained, the museum revitalization received a budget from Ministry of Education and Culture.

Beside photos, the contents of museum are also equipped with ancient ceramics ceremonial equipment and other historic relics.

"There are many historical objects that can be known when visit Batam Museum," he concluded.

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