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Elected, Biological Brother of Nurdin Basirun Register through the PKB Party

A total of seven figures have approached the Kebangkitan Bangsa Party (PKB) for the Election of Regional Heads of Karimun Regency.

The PKB selection committee submitted the form to the representative of Sabari Basirun, Monday (01/20/2020). Sabari Basirun is the biological brother of the non-active Governor of the Riau Islands, Nurdin Basirun - A total of seven figures have approached the Kebangkitan Bangsa Party (Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa (PKB)) for the Election of Regional Heads (Pilkada) of Karimun Regency.

After a member of the DPRD in the Riau Province in the electoral district of Karimun, Raja Bahtiar and incumbent Karimun Regent, Aunur Rafiq took the form on Friday (1/17/2020) morning, five other figures later followed. 

On Saturday (1/18/2020), three figures came to the PKB Branch Office of the Karimun Regency (DPC) Board on Jalan Haji Arab, East Sei Lakam village. 

On Saturday (1/18/2020), three figures came to the Karimun Regency PKB Branch Board Leadership Office on Jalan Haji Arab, East Sei Lakam village. 

The first figure was the former Head of the Kesbang Pol Province of the Riau Islands who had also served as the Head of the Manpower Office of Karimun Regency, Syafri Salisman.

Then Secretary of the DPD Nasdem Karimun Regency, Pristman Laela took the form for the detention of the Deputy Regent of Karimun, Anwar Hasyim. 

Subsequently, the former head of the Karimun Regency DPRD, Muhammad Asyura, represented by his son named Rudy, took the form on Saturday afternoon.

On Monday (1/20/2020) afternoon at around 2:20 pm, the chairman of the Karimun Regency Construction Entrepreneurs Association, Eri Januardin, took the form to the PKB. The form was taken by his representative named Ahmad Kamal. 

Only five minutes later and still on the same day, PKB cadre Sabari Basirun also took the form. The elder brother of the non-active Kepri Governor, Nurdin Basirun, took the registration form represented by his spokesman Syafrizal Syam.

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The Chairperson of the Karimun Regency PKB DPC, Nyimas Novi Ujiani confirmed that there were seven figures who had taken the form of nominees for the Regent and Deputy Regent of Karimun. 

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