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Grand Opening City Foodcourt in Nagoya Batam, Offering Halal Food & Discount on February

City Foodcourt present in Batam as culinary destination who has halal food stands. Also, City Foodcourt provided food and beverage stands of all kinds

City Foodcourt at Teuku Umar Street, Lubuk Baja, is next to Grands I Hotel Batam. City Foodcourt offers a variety of halal foods, which can be people's choice when confused about choosing food. - One more culinary destination is present in Batam City.

Namely a food court that usually provides variety food and beverage choices.

City Foodcourt located at Teuku Umar street, Lubuk Baja, Batam City can be an option when confused about choosing food.

Also located in Nagoya area which is often as a favorite tourist location, City Foodcourt provides variety of halal food stands.

Far from being cramped, an atmosphere of relief can immediately be felt when entering City Foodcourt.

According to one owner, Amiau, the food court was recently opened, and deliberately presented to provide choices for tourists who want to just eat or hang out.

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"We just opened the grand opening today. We give tourists or Batam people themselves a new choice if you want to find food or just hang out," Amiau told, Saturday (02/08/2020).

Amiau added, City Foodcourt provided food and beverage stands of all kinds.

"We are here starting from typical Indonesian dishes, such as fried rice, soto, pempek, seafood such as lobster and others.

We also have Chinese food. We have lots of noodles, fried noodles, all noodles, all are halal.

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