Lots of Discounts at Mega Mall Batam Sport Station, Buy Reebok Pay Half Price

Mega Mall Batam Sports Station provides many discounts for shoes and apparel products. Sports Station Megamall staff said promos were given up to 50%

Sports Station staff shows New Balance shoe product that is being discounted at Megamall Sports Station outlet. - Mega Mall Batam Sports Station provides many discounts for shoes and apparel products.

Dikran, Sports Station Megamall staff said promos were given up to 50 percent.

"If there are 50 percent of Skechers promos, Reebok also has 50 percent," he said.

Beside that, other shoe brands are also discounted, such as New Balance men's shoes who discounted up to 40 percent and Airwalk men's shoes discounted up to 30 percent.

As for Adidas women's shoes collection discounts of up to 30 percent and Airwalk women's shoes discounts of up to 40 percent.

Also apparel products, such as t-shirts, jackets and pants are also given discounts of different amounts.

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For example, Hurley, Arsenal FC and Liverpool t-shirts, 30 percent discount.

Nike t-shirts get 40 percent discount and New Balance t-shirt are 50 percent discounts.

While the collection of Converse pants is 20 percent discount, hoodie and jacket is 30 percent discount.

Not only that, Airwalk backpack products are also given discount of 30 percent.

For Airwalk and Skechers sandals, discounts up to 50 percent.

Dikran said, almost all items in this outlet are discounted, except for items that are arranged on the wall or called by wall shelves.

As for the provisions of discount period itself only until the goods run out and could change at any time.

"Until the goods run out. But usually for regular discounts will be replaced every month," said Dikran. ( Wahyuningtyas)

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