Lukita said Batam's Economy was Slumped Due To Corona Virus, The Government Shouldn't Stay Silent

Corona virus not only affects health but also many other sectors, including the economy. The economic impact is also felt globally.

Lukita Dinarsyah Tuwo, BATAM - Corona virus not only affects health but also many other sectors, including the economy. The economic impact is also felt globally. In a way, Indonesia's economic sector was also affected by the deadly virus. Batam is one of them.

After thousands of people were hit by a wave of Termination of Employment (PHK) due to the closure of PT Foster Electronic Indonesia and PT Unisem Batam, now workers in the City of Madani are haunted by the impact of Corona. Batam's economy has dropped dramatically in terms of the tourism, crossing and export and import sectors. 

Former Head of the Batam Business Entity (BP) who is also a candidate for the Mayor of Batam, Lukita Dinarsyah Tuwo said, the community, business people, and leaders in Batam often asked that when he was blurted out greeting the community. 

According to him, the impact of the corona on the tourism sector has been greatly felt by tourism actors. Starting from the drop in tourist arrivals that have an impact on the decline in hotel occupancy, food sellers are quiet buyers to the transportation sector is minimal consumer. 

"Corona's impact is very strong in various lines and has made the economy worse," he said, Tuesday (2/18/2020).

Although the impact was very clear, there were things that were regretted by Lukita. According to him, the Batam City Government did not mitigate this. According to Lukita, the government should have been in the forefront to anticipate and overcome the economic problems affected by the corona virus. 

"The economy in Batam today is actually like autopilot. The economy runs by itself, such as entrepreneurs, UMKMs, and all of that runs on their own, they struggle alone even though there is a government that should be at the forefront of making strategies, setting policies, implementing steps to drive the economy in Batam, "he added.

He continued, if conditions like this were just kept quiet, Batam's economy would be even worse. Lukita said, now it was time for the defense as well as ex-officio to take concrete steps. Not just a campaign for their own candidacy in the upcoming Batam Mayor Election. (*) 

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