24 Hotels in Riau Islands Closed Because of Covid-19, Most in Batam, Employees Layed Off

Hotel businessmen in Riau Islands have been hit by Corona virus or Covid-19. 24 hotels were temporarily closed in Riau Islands, mostly were in Batam.

The condition of Sekupang international port which was empty on Thursday (02/04/2020)., BATAM - Hotel businessmen in Riau Islands (Kepri) have been hit by Corona virus or Covid-19.

They were unable to hold on and chose to temporarily close the hotel even though some continued to operate.

Data from Kepri Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) said that 24 hotels were temporarily closed.

They laid off employees because they could no longer pay salaries.

Since Corona virus attacked, visits to Riau Islands including Batam, Bintan and Tanjung Pinang have dropped dramatically.

This condition is exacerbated by Malaysia and Singapore lockdowns which also tighten outbound traffic.

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In fact, during this visit guests from Malaysia and Singapore have become the veins of income for the hotel business.

Until Friday (3/4/2020), there were 9 cases of Corona virus in Riau Islands.

"More and more people are laying off their employees and temporarily closing hotels. Almost every hotel is laying off their employees," explained PHRI Chairman of Riau Islands Tupa Simanjuntak.

Of the 24 hotels that were temporarily closed, 17 of them were in Batam, while 7 others were in Bintan and Tanjungpinang areas.

While several hotels in Riau Islands chose to stay in the middle of Covid-19 Pandemic.

"Those who are still operating do Unpaid leave to save electricity, electricity, gas, water, fuel, until debt rescheduling and for hotel restaurant services, some of them make catering box delivery," he explained to TribunBatam. (

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