AirAsia Laid off 873 Employees, This is an Explanation of AirAsia Indonesia

This follows the disclosure of information published by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) on Thursday (05/28/2020) regarding the impact of Covid-19..

AirAsia aircraft - PT AirAsia Indonesia Tbk said 873 employees who were currently laid off were undergoing a reorientation with online training from home for a while. 

This follows the disclosure of information published by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) on Thursday (05/28/2020) regarding the impact of Covid-19 on AirAsia. In the disclosure of information, 873 employees were laid off. 

"Some operational employees, can be assigned at any time to serve charter and cargo flights to help the humanitarian mission efforts and the handling of Covid-19 in the country," said Corporate Secretary of PT AirAsia Indonesia, Indah Permatasari Saugi through media broadcasts. 

AirAsia Indonesia said the reorientation to 873 employees was aimed at helping the customer service unit in carrying out flight operations. 

In addition, AirAsia Indonesia said that this policy was also taken to wait for the re-operation of scheduled flight services which had been temporarily suspended since April 1, 2020. 

For information, currently, AirAsia Indonesia employs 1,645 workers. 

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In the BEI information disclosure also mentioned 328 AirAsia employees are employees affected by Covid-19 and receive salary deductions. Furthermore, the number of employees who have been laid off from January to date is 9. 

However, Indah explained, as many as 328 employees were referred to a reduction in working time between 10 percent to 50 percent per month in accordance with the level of seniority in management. 

AirAsia Indonesia Management said that all Allstars (employees) had agreed to undertake several initiatives to ensure the smooth operation of the flight re-operation after 2 months of hibernation. 

This initiative was carried out based on a mutual agreement to support the company's agility in dealing with the uncertainty of the situation, including the potential for extension of social restrictions in some areas.

"We hope this step is the best for us together, especially to ensure we can continue to contribute to the community by providing affordable flight services in the future," he said. (*) 

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