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UPDATE: Add 11,948, Indonesian Covid-19 Cases Reach 1,024,298 People

The number of patients infected with Covid-19 in Indonesia is still growing. This can be seen from the Covid-19 cases that passed 1 million patients.
Coronavirus illustration -  The number of patients infected with Covid-19 in Indonesia is still growing. This can be seen from the Covid-19 cases that passed 1 million patients. 

Based on data from the Covid-19 Handling Task Force on Wednesday (27/1/2021) at 12.00 WIB, there were 11,948 new cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours. 

The addition caused the total number of Covid-19 cases in the country to reach 1,024,298 people, starting from the announcement of the first case on March 2, 2020. 

Data can also be accessed by the public via the and sites, with updates appearing every afternoon. 

The government also reported that there were an additional 10,974 patients recovering from Covid-19 in a day. 

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They were declared cured based on laboratory tests using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method, which tested negative for the coronavirus.

Thus, the total number of Covid-19 patients who have recovered to date is 831,330 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Covid-19 cases have currently been recorded in all provinces in Indonesia from Aceh to Papua.

In more detail, there are 510 districts / cities from 34 provinces that recorded patients due to being infected with the coronavirus

This means that more than 99 percent of the territory in Indonesia has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. (*) 

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