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The Deputy Governor of Riau Islands Appreciates All Batam Tourism Actors Completed Vaccination

Batam City Government (Pemko) has again held a Covid-19 vaccination for tourism actor, creative economy (Ekraf), and Batam City culturalists.
Deputy Governor of the Riau Islands, Marlin Agustina while reviewing the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination at the Golden View Hotel, Bengkong, Tuesday (6/8/2021), BATAM, The Culture and Tourism Department (Disbudpar) - Batam City Government (Pemko) has again held a Covid-19 vaccination for tourism actor, creative economy (Ekraf), and Batam City culturalists.

It was recorded that 1,500 people received the Covid-19 vaccination at an activity centered at the Golden View Hotel, Bengkong, Tuesday (6/8/2021). 

This Covid-19 vaccination was initiated by the Batam City Culture and Tourism Department (Disbudpar) in collaboration with the Batam City Health Department (Dinkes). 

The Deputy Governor of the Riau Islands (Kepri), Marlin Agustina Rudi, reviewed the Covid-19 vaccination process. Marlin appreciated the enthusiasm of tourism, creative and cultural actors to get vaccinations. 

"Alhamdulillah, all tourism actors have been vaccinated. That way, there is trust from Singapore and Malaysia," she said. 

He conveyed that the Riau Islands Province allocated a large enough Covid-19 vaccine for Batam City because the population of Batam City was more than districts and cities in Riau Islands

Marlin appealed to the people of Batam City and Riau Islands to maintain the 5M health protocol, namely wearing masks (memakai masker), washing hands with soap and hand sanitizer (mencuci tangan), maintaining distance (menjaga jarak), avoiding crowds (menghindari kerumunan), and reducing mobility (mengurangi bepergian)

According to her, the Covid-19 vaccine isn't a drug, but the vaccine can form the body's immune system. 

"I appeal to all people to be vaccinated immediately because this is a government program." she said. 

The Head of Batam City Disbudpar, Ardiwinata said that the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination was carried out within one day with a target of 1,500 people. 

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