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In Batam, PCR Test Cost has Dropped To IDR 525,000, Here are The Details

A number of Health Facilities (Faskes) in Batam, Riau Islands (Kepri) finally adjusted the price of the PCR Swab or PCR Test. This was done by ...

PCR test illustration - A number of Health Facilities (Faskes) in Batam, Riau Islands (Kepri) finally adjusted the price of the PCR Swab or PCR Test. 

This was done by following the issuance of a Circular (SE) of the Ministry of Health to reduce the price of the PCR Swab

In Batam, the previous test fee was IDR 880,000, now it is IDR 525,000. 

Awal Bros Hospital (RSAB) Batam is one of them, which previously was Rp. 880,000, now it is Rp. 525,000 for the PCR Swab test. 

"Valid since Tuesday (8/17/2021) and implemented in all Awal Bros Hospitals in Indonesia," said Batam RSAB Public Relations Officer, Cyntia, via a short message application. 

In SE No. HK.02.02/I/2845/2021, the Government through the Ministry of Health has set the highest tariff for RT-PCR examinations in Java and Bali at IDR 495,000, while outside Java and Bali is IDR 525,000. 

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Another health service in Batam that applied the new price is the Medilab Batam Clinic. 

Where previously offered at a rate of IDR 850,000, now it's IDR 500,000. 

"Since August 17, 2021, the rate has changed to IDR 500,000," said the Director of the Batam Medilab Clinic, dr. Mariaman Tjendera. 

polymerase chain reaction (PCR) ditemukan oleh Kary Mullis pada era 1980an. Teknologi ini berpengaruh besar terhadap penelitian sains.
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). (

The determination of the highest tariff limit from the Indonesian Ministry of Health has considered the evaluation of service components, components of consumables and reagents, components of administrative costs and other costs.

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