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Mount Ile Lewotolok Erupts, Ash Column Height Reaches 700 Meters

The Ile Lewotolok volcano, Lembata Regency, NTT, is still erupting. Ile Lewotolok Volcano Observation Post Officer explained that during the period

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Eruption of Mount Ile Lewotolok in Lembata, NTT, LEMBATA -- The Ile Lewotolok volcano, Lembata Regency, NTT, is still erupting.

Ile Lewotolok Volcano Observation Post Officer, Yeremias Kristianto Pugel, explained that during the period Tuesday (10/26/2021) from 00.00 to 06.00 WITA, two eruptions with a height of 300-700 meters were observed. 

He explained that the activity level of the Ile Lewotolok volcano was still at level III (Standby).

His party continues to appeal to the community around the foot of the mountain as well as visitors, climbers or tourists not to carry out activities within a 3 km radius of the peak/crater. 

The people of Jontona Village, which is the closest area to the Ile Lewotolok Volcano, are asked to be aware of the potential threat of avalanches of weathered material accompanied by hot clouds from the southeastern peak/crater. 

Given that volcanic ash fell in several sectors around the mountain, he asked the people who live around the rivers that originate at Ile Lewotolok to be aware of the threat of lahars, especially during the rainy season. 

Meanwhile, stakeholders in the aviation sector can access the VONA (Volcano Observatory Notice for Aviation) feature. 

All parties continue to maintain conduciveness on Lembata Island, do not spread hoaxes and are not provoked by issues about volcanic eruptions whose sources aren't clear.


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