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Wings Air Opens New Route to Bajawa-Labuan Bajo, Fares Start from IDR 553,400

Wings Air has reopened a new flight route, namely Bajawa - Labuan Bajo round-trip (PP) with ticket prices starting from IDR 553,000. The opening of th

ATR Aircraft via
Wings Air - Illustration, MAUMERE -- Wings Air has reopened a new flight route, namely Bajawa - Labuan Bajo round-trip (PP) with ticket prices starting from IDR 553,000.

The opening of this route is carried out to accommodate the need or demand for domestic scheduled passenger air transportation in the two districts. 

This route connects Bajawa and Labuan Bajo via Bajawa Soa Airport or Bajawa in Ngada Regency (BJW) to Labuan Bajo via Komodo Airport in West Manggarai Regency (LBJ). 

Bajawa - Labuan Bajo - Bajawa flights are served once a day or seven times a week. 

Labuan Bajo tampak dari Udara
Labuan Bajo seen from the air ()

From Bajawa the plane will fly at 12.00 WITA and arrive in Labuan Bajo at 12.35 WITA.

Meanwhile, from Labuan Bajo the plane will fly at 12.55 and arrive in Bajawa at 13.30.

Wings Air offers one-way ticket fares, starting from IDR 553,400 for Bajawa to Labuan Bajo and Labuan Bajo to Bajawa routes starting from IDR 558,400. 

In this flight, Wings Air prepared ATR 72-500 and ATR /2-600, modern and newest aircraft imported directly from aircraft manufacturers.

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Both have a capacity of 72 economy class seats, 2-2 layout.

The opening of the intra-Flores island network was carried out on the basis of a number of things.

This includes facilitating the mobilization of people and goods and shortening travel time by air, which is only 35 minutes.

In addition, the opening of the route is also expected to help encourage economic recovery and the development of the domestic tourism sector.


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