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Nature and Adventure Tourism be the Leading Potential in Indonesia

Indonesia has extraordinary natural wealth, so it can affects the superior potential of natural tourism and adventure in the country. This is stated i
Tourists are rafting on the Ayung River, Bali, Indonesia. - Indonesia has extraordinary natural wealth, so it can affects the superior potential of natural tourism and adventure in the country. 

This is stated in a number of data, as revealed by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

"When benchmarking with several countries in Asia, from various types of tourism activities, Indonesia is strong in two respects, namely halal tourism, as well as nature and adventure tourism," said Director of Special Interest Tourism of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Alexander Reyaan in Indonesia Tourism & Business Event Forum at JCC, Tuesday (8/16). 

According to Kemenparekraf data, this type of tourism development falls into the category of a very strong reputation.

Meanwhile, Indonesia's lowest reputation is in shopping tourism and medical tourism, when compared to other Asian countries.

Furthermore, he explained that Indonesia has a fairly good score in the Adventure Tourism Development Index (ATD) Report 2018.

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From the aspect of natural resources, among developing countries, Indonesia ranks third.

It is known, in 2018, Palau's natural resources reached 8.11 points, Russia 7.23 points, while Indonesia's 7.12 points.

The potential of Indonesia's natural wealth that can be used for adventure tourism is very diverse.

Mainly, there is rafting, mountain climbing, caving, to paragliding.

Based on data from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in 2019, there are several adventure tourism destinations in Indonesia that are most in demand by tourists in 2018-2019.

The first highest in the mountain climbing category is Mount Rinjani. Meanwhile, for the cave exploration category, there is Grubug Cave.

Then, for the rafting category, the most favorite is on the Ayung River, while the most popular paragliding destination is Gunung Mas. 

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Alexander explained, these destinations are the most favorite, generally due to the ease of access, the availability of amenities, and interesting attractions.

This potential advantage is reinforced by the high chance of tourist interest in nature after the pandemic. 

He sees that more and more people are interested in nature-based tourism and conservation.

"There are about 10 percent, before the pandemic the numbers weren't this big, tourists chose destinations that cared about or paid attention to nature conservation," he said. 


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