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For 6 Months, 900 Workers in Batam Become Jobless, Not Included Foster and Unisem Employee

At least 900 people lost their jobs in Batam from January to June 2019. That was the impact by the closure of 27 businesses in Batam. Here the context

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Ilustration of Termination of Employment Relationship in Batam - At least 900 people lost their jobs in Batam from January to June 2019.

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Both of this foreign investment companies, reportedly closed their operations this year and next.

One company, the workers reaches thousands of people.

The Head of Labor Division or Dinas Tenaga Kerja Batam, Rudi Sakyakirti said, the business sectors from 27 companies are variated.

From the smallest till the biggest, including workshop and others.

"One of this company has the number of workers at least 10 to 20 people," said Rudi, Tuesday (8/27/2019) at Batam Center.

Regarding the cause of the closure, the former Head of Batam City Industry and Trade Office or Kepala Dinas Perindustrian dan Perdagangan Kota Batam said, the dominant of 27 companies are supporting industries in Batam.

On that way, if the parent company is not available or closed, it will also have an impact on supporting businesses.

"If we say that because of the investment climate, it depends on the type of business," he said.

But if their compared to the last year, from existing data, the number of these closed businesses is much reduced.

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