VIRAL! Stone Throwing at Bukit Daeng Batam, Police Comb Location and Ask Victims to Report

Viral on social media, there was a stone throwing to the driver.This news immediately seized the attention of Polresta Barelang for the truth of it.

VIRAL! Stone Throwing at Bukit Daeng Batam, Police Comb Location and Ask Victims to Report
A number of police personnel combed the locations of Bukit Daeng, Batam, Riau Islands and over Duriangkang bridge. - A few days ago, viral on social media about the conditions in Bukit Daeng, Batam, Riau Islands or over the Duriangkang bridge.

A netizen, wrote conditions in Bukit Daeng before midnight and early morning, there was a stone throwing to the driver.

No one knows who was the irresponsible culprit is.

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It's just indicated that stone throwing comes from the direction at bush.

This tragedy, immediately seized the attention of Barelang Police called Polresta Barelang.

Kasat Sabhara from Polresta Barelang, Kompol Firdaus said, a number of personnel were deployed to secure the location.

They seek the truth of this information.

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"Of course we did some work after this tragedy is coming," he said, Tuesday (03/09/2019)

When come to the location, police tried to comb the crime scene.

Not only that, police also sought information from local residents about the possibility of culprit for this incident.

"We also dug up information," Firdaus said.

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To make it easier for police to track down the culprit , Firdaus hopes that public can report to police if they experienced same thing.

In order to be quickly followed up and the culprit immediately get arrest. ( halawa)

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