Press Council Holds FGD Kemerdekaan Kepri 2019

Press Council held a forum group discussion at Sahid Hotel Batam Center, Thursday (5/9/2019) called FGD Kemerdekaan Kepri 2019. Here's the activities.

Press Council Holds FGD Kemerdekaan Kepri 2019
Hendry CH got up during the opening of FGD Kemerdekaan Pers Kepri 2019 - The Press Council called Dewan Pers Indonesia held a forum group discussion (FGD) called FGD Kemerdekaan Kepri 2019 for the Independence of Riau Islands Press at Sahid Hotel Batam Center, Thursday (5/9/2019).

Deputy Chairman of Press Council, Hendry CH Bangun, said that FGD was a continuation or discussion about the questionnaire that had been filled in previously.

There are three categories in this survey, such as economics, politics, and law. (*)

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Press Freedom Index in 6 districts / cities in Riau Islands Province in 2019 relatively improved and rsse 0.26 compared to the last three years, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

This index refers to 65 question items from 20 indexes surveyed last July and August 2019.

"In general, there is special note that there are still obstacles to practicing ideal journalism, and there is no set of rules that accommodate audience of people with disabilities," said Press Council member Hendry CH Bangun, when opening the Forum Group Discussion (FGD).

This was revealed in a focused discussion (FGD) of the Press Council with 12 press policy stakeholders (mass media publishing, government, and media organizations) at the Sahid Batam Center Hotel, Batam City, Riau Islands.

FGD was attended by two members of the Press Council, Hendry CH Bangun and Arif Zulkifli, and was guided by M Hilmy from MUC Consulting and Research Group.

From the participants, among others; Henky Mohari Chairman of the Riau Islands KPID, Lagat Parroha Patar Siandari Ombdusman Batam, Elvi Arianti, government representatives, and 7 leaders of mass media in Batam.

In this forum it was revealed, the media government, and the people in Riau Islands had not yet provided regulatory instruments that supported practice
ideal journalism.

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Compared to the previous three years, 2016, 2017, 2018, index of press independence has relatively improved.

"There was an increase of 0.26%, to 76.8% compared to last year," said Hendry CH Bangun.

Index scale between five scale; 90-100: very good, 70-89 Good, 56-69 moderate, 31-55 bad and 0-30 very bad.

This index refers to 65 question items from 20 indexes from three segments; political, economic and social culture.

20 These indicators include, among others, increased technical and ethical capabilities of journalism, accessibility and freedom of association and organization, the capabilities of media company institutions, and the intervention of institutions and state apparatuses, as well as social and cultural alignments.

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