BMKG Batam Mentions No Smoke Shipment From Riau to Kepri, The Wind Leads to The Northwest

Some land and forest burned in a number of locations in Riau province.BMKG explained there's no smoke impact shipment from Riau., BATAM - Some land and forest burned in a number of locations in Riau province.

The impact of land fires and forests (Karlahut) resulted in the shipment of smoke.

Riau Islands and Riau Isles (KEPRI), Singapore country adjacent.

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Meteorological and Geophysical Agency of Meteorology (BMKG) Meteorological Station class I Hang Nadim Batam, Hang Nadim International Airport explained, there's no smoke shipment impact from Riau. 

"Smoke that coming from the forest fires/land in Riau in the direction of the spread or trajectives tend to move westwards to the northwest, so that the Kepri region is not affected, " said Fitri Annisa, foreword of BMKG the meteorological station class I Hang Nadim Batam, Tuesday (10/9).

Annisa explained, weather on Wednesday (11/9) tomorrow, the humidity forecast on the upper layer is relatively low.

So that the growth potential of clouds become less significant in Kepri.

"In general, the weather conditions of the day are bright until cloudy but there is still a potential for local rain with mild to moderate intensity that can be accompanied by lightning and strong winds," said Annisa.

However, BMKG demanded that the publics should remain wary of the high enough sea waves in the eastern waters of Lingga. ( Halawa)

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