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Smog Increasingly Thicker In KEPRI, Disturbs Visibility, Carefull of Using The Sea Transportation

"To the citizensto be more careful, and be vigilant in traveling, especially sea transportation," said Head of Data and Information Section of BMKG.

The locations of hot spots are monitored by BMKG through the satellite monitoring, BATAM - The Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Department or called (BMKG) Class I Hang Nadim Meteorology Station calls for vigilance at horizontal visibility in the Riau Islands from 2,000 to 4,000 meters. 

This happens because of the smog that still surrounds the Kepri regions. 

"To the public to be more careful, and be vigilant in traveling, especially sea transportation," said Head of Data and Information Section of BMKG Batam, Suratman, Wednesday (09/18/2019) morning.

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He conveyed, the condition of the hot spot so far, it has not been reduced.

BMKG also appealed to raise awareness of the surrounding environment.

"Do not let the karhutla occur. Both on a small scale and large scale, among others, by not throwing cigarette butts carelessly, not burning littering, not littering and immediately putting out fire before it becomes large, and not opening land by burning," his appeal. 

Recorded by BMKG satellite data. Today there are 10 hot spots. Natuna Regency, and Tanjungpinang. ( 

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