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Hot Plate Menu Discounts 60 Percent, Godiva Also Gives Free Beverages

Godiva Bistro and Restaurant gives special promo in hot plate menu. By buying hot plate menu, the food served in hot container also given the drink.
Illustrations of Godiva promo. - Want to enjoy delicious food at affordable prices? Godiva Bistro and Restaurant is currently offering special promos for Batam citizen.

"To better reach the citizens, now we have promos for hot plate menu, get 60 percent discounted. So citizens could taste these hot plate menus, "said Godiva Mega Mall Outlet Manager, Susi Apriani, Thursday (9/26).

He said by buying hot plate menu, the food served in hot container also given the drink that is Nestle Lemonade Rosca for free.

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"The combination of hotplate menus is very suitable with sweet and sour drinks that are more fresh, so we choose Lemonade Rosca as a complement," said Susi.

In total there are 12 variants of hotplate menu served with choices of beef, chicken, and salmon.

Some of menus offered by Godiva in hotplate menu include chicken curry, beef curry, salmon curry, beef yakiniku, beef teriyaki, beef rice, salmon chicken teriyaki combo and many more.

The price is, visitors need to spend from IDR 34 thousand to IDR 68 thousand to taste one portion of hotplate menu along with Lemonade Rosca drink.

Not only has hotplate menu, Godiva Resto and Restaurant also serves variety of other menus ranging from appetizers such as salads and nacos, chicken popcorn, then there are various spaghetti menus, steak menus, to soups. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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