Lion Air Serves Umrah Flights From 11 Indonesian Cities to Saudi Arabia, Including Batam

Lion Air has started Umrah flight service from Indonesia to Saudi Arabia. Lion Air serves Umrah flights from 11 cities, one of them is Batam City.

Lion Air Serves Umrah Flights From 11 Indonesian Cities to Saudi Arabia, Including Batam
Lion Air plane at APT Pranoto Airport Samarinda, East Kalimantan some time ago - Lion Air (JT flight code) member of Lion Air Group has started Umrah 1441 Hijri flight service from Indonesia to Medina - Prince Mohammad bin Abdul Aziz International Airport, Saudi Arabia (MED) and Jeddah - King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Saudi Arabia (JED).

"Implementation of this year's Umrah as a form of Lion Air's seriousness in accommodating and facilitating the needs of worship trips," said Corporate Communications Strategic of Lion Air, Danang Mandala Prihantoro, Sunday (09/29/2019).

Danang continued, Lion Air hopes to always be able serve pilgrims with the best service.

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"In the operation of every flight, Lion Air always obeys and implements a safety culture. This seriousness confirms that Lion Air prioritizes the safety and security aspects of aviation (safety first), "said Danang.

At present, Danang said Lion Air serves Umrah flights from 11 cities, one of them is Batam City, from Hang Nadim International Airport, Batu Besar, Riau Islands (BTH).

Danang said Lion Air operates three Airbus 330-300 with a capacity of 440 seats and two Airbus 330-900NEO with a capacity of 433 seats.

On Lion Air Umrah flight in 2019, it was also marked by the operation of Airbus 330-900NEO.

"Operation of Airbus 330-900NEO is part of Lion Air's strategic move to strengthen development of long haul business that requires more than 13 non-stop trips," he explained.

In the 2019 Umrah service, Lion Air targets an on time performance (OTP) level of more than 85%.

"This seriousness is in line with providing the best service to Umrah pilgrims based on a structured and comprehensive system between aircraft maintenance, operations at the airport as well as quick and appropriate decisions to minimize the impact of flight delays," explained Danang.

In regard to air travel on accordance with safety aspects, Danang said Lion Air has appealed to all pilgrims, among others, not to bring dangerous goods to the aircraft and not to receive goods from other people on board.

"Beside that, electronic items must be removed from the batteries and also standalone chargers or portable batteries (powerbank) according to criteria in terms of capacity that can be brought into the cabin and not allowed to be used during the flight, we have also appealed," he concluded. ( Hastin Pinakesti)

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