Kepri Prepares 11 Best Archery Athletes to Compete on Popnas Jakarta

Kepri send 11 Archery Athlete to compete at Popnas 2019 in Jakarta. This 11 best archers are undergoing Training Centers in Batam City to prepare.

Kepri Prepares 11 Best Archery Athletes to Compete on Popnas Jakarta setiawan
Opening of TC Archery Athlete which will compete on Popnas in Jakarta. - Riau Islands (Kepri) Province Archery Athlete is prepared to compete at National Sports Week called Pekan Olahraga Nasional Nasional (Popnas) which will be held on November 16, 2019 in Jakarta.

There are at least 11 athletes representing Riau Islands who will participate in this event later.

So far, 11 of the best archers are undergoing Training Centers in Batam City.

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The opening of Training Centers (TC) was carried out yesterday, Tuesday (10/15/2019) afternoon.

As a training center for athletes who are cared for by Indonesian Archery Association (Perpani) in Kepri Province, conducted in Batam Polytechnic field.

Chairman of Riau Islands Perpani, Abdul Razak, at the location revealed, this training was maximum effort made to prepare  Riau Islands athletes.

For Riau Islands itself, initially only had athlete quota of 7 people.

But thanks to the support of Riau Islands provincial government, so the quota added four more to 11 athletes.

"This month we will strengthen the athletes so that they will be ready to compete in Popnas. We also bring trainers from East Java to train them," said Razak.

At National Popnas later, his party is not grandiose.

Razak promised the athletes would boast Riau Islands by bringing home medals from the arrow sport.

"This is the second time we have participated in archery. But in the management, this is first time. We also don't want to be grandiose to get such a medal. But we promise to bring medals for Riau Islands from archery sports," Razak added optimistically.

Razak itself is also scheduled to further enhance or multiply archery sports activities.

So it can further enhance and animate this sport in Riau Islands.

"Apart from preparing for Popnas, we have also scheduled various events, such as Field Archery championship in November. This event is the first championship held in Indonesia," he added. ( Setiawan)

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