Batam Traffic Light at Sagulung Port Intersection Struck by Lightning

Traffic light at Fanindo Intersection and also at Sagulung Port Intersection get struck by the lightning. Cause by heavy rains that happens in days.

Batam Traffic Light at Sagulung Port Intersection Struck by Lightning Sitanggang
Traffic light at Sagulung Port Intersection. - Traffic light at Fanindo Intersection and also at Sagulung Port Intersection had not been operate for three days, cause by lightning on Saturday (10/26/2019).

Head of Batam City Traffic in Transportation Department (Dishub), Sutikno, Tuesday (10/29/2019) said heavy rains accompanied by lightning on Saturday (10/26/2019) turned out not only to cause flooding on Brigjen Katamso roads.

However, lightning also struck the panel of traffic light at Fanindo and Sagulung Port Intersections.

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"Today (Tuesday 29/10/10 201_red) we have fixed it. Our technicians are already on the field," Sutikno said.

He also said, when lightning came the traffic light panel at Fanindo intersection and also Sagulung Port intersection was damaged.

"We just got the information yesterday, so our technicians immediately got off," Sutikno said.

For Batam City, until now, said Sutikno, traffic lights that were struck by lightning just in Batuaji area.

"Other regions, we have not received information, but so far it does not yet exist," Sutikno said. ( Sitanggang)

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