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Give a Great Discount, Imoo Watch Phone Y1 Now Priced at Rp 499 Thousand

Present in Indonesia since November 2018, Imoo Watch Phone has become an alternative tool for parents to monitor and communicate with their children.
A Promoter, when showing the Imoo brand smartwatch collection. - Present in Indonesia since November 2018, Imoo Watch Phone has become an alternative tool for parents to monitor and communicate with their children.

In commemoration of the anniversary, Imoo Watch Phone give the attractive offers to celebrate its 1st Anniversary.

Imoo Watch Phone promoter, Ahmad Rinaldo said there were two products that were given special prices in the first anniversary of Imoo. 

"There are two products we offer at special prices, namely Imoo Y1 and Imoo Z5," he said, Sunday (11/03/2019).

The man who is familiarly called Edo said, Imoo Y1 can currently be owned at a price of only Rp.499,000 thousand, while for Imoo Z5 is priced at Rp.2,699,000 million. 

Normally, Imoo Y1 which is the first product of Imoo is priced at Rp 999 thousand, while for Imoo Z5 previously priced at Rp 3,199 million. 

If Imoo Y1 and Z5 are given a special price, it is different from Imoo Z2. People who are interested should buy it at a normal price, which is Rp 2.199 million.

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In general, aside from supporting appearance, the Imoo Watch Phone is also used as a communication tool for parents to improve their supervision of children.

Edo said, Imoo Y1 is equipped with call functions, class mode, chat and also real-time location that is used to monitor the presence of children. 

Edo said, facilities from the Imoo Z2 Watch Phone and Z5 are almost the same. It's just that for Z2, the users can still use the smartwatch to travel to other countries such as ASEAN, Europe and Australia.

For payment, the Imoo Watch Phone, which has one of its outlets at Gramedia BCS Mall, provides convenience, namely through credit through Home Credit Indonesia or credit cards with zero percent interest. ( Hastin Pinakesti)  

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