Every Purchase of Sharp TV Could Get Direct Prize, Only For November 2019

Sharp product buyer like LED TV would get direct prize in Surga Elektronik, Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall during November 2019. Here's the advantage.
Sharp Sales Promotion showing LED TV collections. - Have a plan to buy television during November 2019?

It is better if you take advantage of an interesting program by Sharp who is in Surga Elektronik, Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall.

Sales Promotion Sharp, Erwan said that until November 30, 2019 every Sharp product buyer like LED TV would get direct prize.

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"So until the end of November every Sharp LED TV buyer from 50, 60 to 70 inches could take opportunity to get direct gift and free to choose," he said, Sunday (11/10/2019).

Erwan said that for every purchase of 60 inch LED TV, public could freely choose prizes in the form of sharp sound partner, washing machine, 24 inch TV, or discount of IDR 990 thousand.

Whereas for people who buy 70 inch LED TVs, Erwin said that they also had the opportunity to choose direct gift like 22 inch TV, Sharp refrigerator, or Soundbar along with Air Cooler.

"People can also choose to replace their immediate prize with a discount of IDR 1.5 million," said Erwan.

Erwin said, on average Sharp in Electronic Heaven always provides various promos to pamper people.

Besides LED TV products, Erwin said that other mainstay product in his shop, which was still dominated by the purchase of Air Purifier.

"Even though the smoke in Batam City has now started to subside, but purifier product is still often purchased by the public," he said.

Erwan said, many buyers came from Pekanbaru and Palembang in the past month.

"Hopefully with this direct prize promo, it can further increase people's buying interest not only for Air Purifier products but also LED TVs," he said. (nhp)

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