For the Investors, These Following Tips are to Avoid the Bulging (Bodong) Sharia Investment

Aakar Abyasa Fidzuno, gives tips so that potential investors are not fooled by bulging investments that carry the Islamic label. Check it out.
Green Sukuk ST006 to potential investors who attended at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta Saturday (11/16/2019). -  The security of investing in Sharia instruments has become a public concern after the disclosure of the Kampoeng Kurma bulging investment case which is also called sharia-based.

The CEO and founder of JOUSKA Independent Financial Adviser, Aakar Abyasa Fidzuno, gives tips so that potential investors are not fooled by bulging investments that carry the Islamic label. 

"Last week there was news about the illegal investment of Kampoeng Kurma with a sharia clause. The victims were hundreds of billions. So, once again, we may use the sharia clause. But, we always pay attention to what the underline is," he said in the Green Sukuk Investorday event in Jakarta, Saturday (11/16/2019). 

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Aakar reminded investors not to get caught up in the thought of profit and the lure of sharia-based investments. However, it must examine the risks and legitimacy of Islamic investment companies.

The most important thing from investing is Accuracy. Prospective investors must know the agency that guarantees the risk of loss. For example, companies offering investments must have been registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK). 

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In addition, it is also necessary to examine the sources of Islamic investment returns. One safe sharia investment is the State Sharia Securities (Surat Berharga Syariah Negara (SBSN)) issued by the government.

SBSN usually uses the Wakalah Agreement, namely the delegation of power by one person as the first party to another person as the second party in the matters represented. (*) 

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