Yamaha Alfa Scorpii Holds Maxy Exhibition in Nagoya Hill, Gives Attractive Promo

Yamaha Alfa Scorpii held Maxy Exhibition at Nagoya Hill Shoping Mall. They also giving promo for the first 42 purchases. Here's the event details.
Maxy Alfa Scorpii, Saturday (23/11/2019) at Nagoya Hill Shoping Mall. - Yamaha Alfa Scorpii offers special November Great Savings promo from November 1, 2019 to November 30, 2019.

In Maxy Exhibition promo at Nagoya Hill Shoping Mall, Alfa Scorpii showed off Maxy's motorcycle.

Highlights are Aerox 155, Lexy VVA "BABY NMAX, NMAX 155 and XMAX at the second floor of Nagoya Hill Shoping Mall.

In this exhibition, Alfa Scorpii gave a free voucher promo of IDR 200,000 for the first 42 purchases.

Anto, Alfa Scorpii's Promotion Coordinator, said this promo was only given to customers who made purchases at Nagoya Hill.

Start from Thursday (21/11/2019) to Sunday (24/11/2019) night.

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"IDR 200,000 free voucher promo for the first 42 purchases of Maxy's products during this event," said Anto, Saturday (23/11/2019).

He explained an advantages of the latest Maxy model looks more elegant with the presence of gold in the rim and motor's body.

"Maxy's signature advantage is having gold-colored rim and gold-colored body embland, it displays an elegant impression for the user," he said.

The exhibition held at Nagoya Hill Shoping Mall is only for Maxy

In this exhibition, based on monitoring, was seen several times foreigners who were in Nagoya Hill took the moment, namely by taking selfie at Alfa Scorpii's exhibition stand.

This exhibition also looked festive with the performance of Akustik Frakustik And Jo band, thus adding to the excitement. (TRIBUNBATAM.ID/ALAMUDIN)

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