Ciputra Group: 'We're All Grieve', The Death of Ciputra Brought The Deep Sorrow to the Ciputra Group

The death of a businessman, Ciputra, brought the deep sorrow to the Ciputra Group company.

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Ir Ciputra - The death of a businessman, Ciputra, brought the deep sorrow to the Ciputra Group company. This is because Ciputra is the founder of the property company. 

To, Independent Director of PT Ciputra Development Tbk, Tulus Santoso Brotosiswoyo expressed the profound sorrow felt by all ranks of the Ciputra Group.

"We (all) Ciputra Group extended family express our deepest condolences," he said through a short message to, Wednesday (11/27/2019). 

Ciputra Group also paid attention to the Ciputra family left behind by the successful figure of entrepreneurship.

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"We pray, hopefully the families who left behind will be given fortitude and strength in dealing with this grief," said Tulus.

While related to the arrival of Ciputra's body to Jakarta, Tulus was still unable to confirm the time.

"There is still no news. We will give the further information regarding the place and date of cemetery," he said. 

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Previously, the founder and owner of Ciputra Group, Ciputra or Tjie Tjin Hoan died in Singapore on Wednesday (11/27/2019)

The property entrepreneur blew out his last breath at around 1:05 a.m. Singapore time, at the age of 88 years.

Apindo Chairperson, Haryadi Sukamdani said he had a chance to talk to the Ciputra family about the sad news. (*) 

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