The Number of New IDX Investors in 2019 Exceeds Last Year's Achievements

Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) investors made new record in 2019. Total amounting to 237,747 single investor identification (SID). Here's the details.

The Number of New IDX Investors in 2019 Exceeds Last Year's Achievements
IDX Investment Gallery Award 2019. - Growth of stock investors total in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) again made new record in 2019.

Amounting to 237,747 single investor identification (SID) as of November 28, 2019.

This number exceeds the record achievement of new investors total in 2018 which was recorded at 223,749 SID.

IDX Development Director Hasan Fawzi said, the growth of SID shares in 2019, beside to being result of the literacy, education and inclusion programs carried out so far, was also contributed by 10 Days Challenge Competition which significantly increased financial inclusion.

"If the average SID growth of shares can be maintained above 1,000 SID per day, then until the end of the year, total of new stock investors in 2019 for the first time can exceed 250,000 SID," Hasan said at BEI 2019 Investment Gallery Awards, Friday (11/29/2019) at BEI Main Hall, as the release received

As of November 28, 2019, the number of stock investors on IDX has reached 1,089,987 SID, an increase of 27.8 percent compared to the number of investors in 2018 of 852,240 SID.

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The rapid growth in the number of share investors occurred after IDX launched Yuk Nabung Saham campaign in 2015.

This campaign aims to invite people as potential investors to invest in the capital market by buying shares regularly and periodically.

IDX expressed its deepest appreciation to all those who contributed to this achievement, namely Financial Services Authority (OJK), Indonesian Clearing and Guarantee Corporation (KPEI), Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI) and Indonesia Capital Market Institute (TICMI).

All of these achievements were also achieved with the support of Exchange Members, Investment Managers, investment gallery partner universities, lecturers and Capital Market Study Group, Managers of Investment Gallery, investor community, capital market investment motivators, mass media and press, and Listed Companies encourage its employees to become stock investors and get to know the capital market through the implementation of Capital Market School.

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