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Holds Friday Tour Activities, Polda Kepri Cycling 31 KM To Check the Personnel Readiness

To be able to see the security situation of the city clearly, some Riau Islands Police officials are willing to ride 2 km.

Riau Islands Regional Police cycling as far as 31 km. Starting from the Command Headquarters Riau Islands Police to Al-Kautsar Mosque Batu Aji, Batam City, Friday (12/27/2019). - In order to monitor the condition of the City of Batam ahead of the New Year 2020 celebrations, the Regional Police (Polda) of the Riau Islands began aggressively delivering messages of security and public order (Kamtibmas) to residents of Batam City.

To be able to see the security situation of the city clearly, some Riau Islands Police officials are willing to ride 2 km.

The cycling point starts from the Riau Islands Regional Police Headquarters towards Al-Kautsar Mosque, Batu Aji, Batam, Friday (12/27/2019). 

The activity was held from 09.00-13.30 WIB. Aside from aiming to patrol by checking the readiness of personnel at the Sei Beduk Sector Panbil police post, the cycling agenda was also carried out with the concept of 'Dialogical Patrol'. 

This activity was chosen so that the Kamtibmas message can touch the people of Batam City. 

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"Dialogical Patrol in the SP Plaza Sagulung Market. The agenda is in the series of Friday tour activity," explained the Head of Public Relations of the Riau Islands Regional Police, AKBP Harry Goldenhardt. 

The activity was also attended by several high officials of the Riau Islands Police, such as the Irwasda Riau Islands Police, Head of the Riau Islands Police Propam, Wadir Binmas Riau Islands Police, and other officials. 

This agenda itself is held at Al-Kautsar Mosque, Batu Aji, Batam City. On this occasion also, Irwasda Riau Islands Police, Senior Commissioner Pol Purwolelono also gave messages of security and public order (Kamtibmas) to all Jama'ah of the mosque.

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"Thank you for maintaining the security and conducive situation of Kepri, especially in Batam. I invite you to stay awake in everyday life," he said. 

Purwolelono did not forget to invite Jama'ah to stay away from actions endangering themselves and others, ahead of the 2020 New Year celebration.

For him, the celebration should not be done too much.

He promised, he would improve and maximize services to the Riau Islands community in the future, so that good goals can be achieved.

This agenda was also attended by Wadir Binmas of the Riau Islands Police, Batu Aji Police Chief, and other Riau Islands Police personnel. ( 

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