Bad Weather, Ships From Tanjungpinang Port To Malaysia Had Postponed Departure

Strong winds made ships from Sri Bintan Pura Tanjungpinang Port to Malaysia temporarily suspended. The weather and waves are not able for sailing.

Bad Weather, Ships From Tanjungpinang Port To Malaysia Had Postponed Departure LIMAHEKIN
A ship was sailing leaving Sri Bintan Pura Tanjungpinang port when the waves around the port bubbly, Thursday (1/3/2019). - High waves, and strong winds made ships from Sri Bintan Pura (SBP) Tanjungpinang Port to Malaysia temporarily suspended.

This was conveyed by Head of Safety and Shipping Port Authority Office (KSOP) in Tanjungpinang, Imran.

"Yesterday we delayed the voyage to Malaysia, considering the unfriendly weather factors," he said, Monday (1/6/2020).

For today's observation, according to him the weather and waves are still suitable for sailing.

"So far, we have not postponed the voyage," he said again.

They responded when asked about the return flow of passengers in Christmas and New Year.

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Although not in detail, according to him there is decrease in the number of passengers for 2020.

"As for our observation, there is decrease in passengers in early 2020. For the data, we will submit on January 8, 2020, as well as the closing of Christmas and new year posts," he said.

The postponement of ship departure is not the first at Sri Bintan Pura Port, Tanjungpinang.

Voyage to Tanjungpinang-Singapore had to be delayed for about an hour, until weather conditions at sea made it possible to sail.

"Two days ago it happened. In granting permission for the ship to sail, we also saw conditions on the ground. If it was not possible, we would temporarily postpone departure," said Head of Syahbandar Office and Tanjungpinang Port Authority (KSOP) through Head of Safety and Shipping Section, Imran Friday (6/12/2019).

Picking test aims to ensure safety for passengers who use sea transportation services.

Imran also appealed to ship operators to always monitor weather information.

Not only that, he also requested to the operator equip its fleet with safety equipment for passengers.

"We have carried out the pick test few days ago. We also urge ship operators not to force sailing when the weather changes to bad conditions. It is better return to the harbor again, to wait until the weather returns to normal," he said. (

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