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Not a Stroke, The Attorney said Nurdin Basirun Experienced Vertigo and Gastric Pains

Responding to previous news, Nurdin's attorney, Andi M Asrun said, his client was indeed experiencing pain. Here's the explanations.

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The non-active governor of the Riau Islands, Nurdin Basirun - The non-active governor of the Riau Islands, Nurdin Basirun, reportedly experienced illness so that the trial of the alleged bribery case that ensnared him had to be postponed on Wednesday (1/15/2020) yesterday.

Previously reported, Nurdin Basirun experienced vertigo and stroke.

Responding to previous news, Nurdin's attorney, Andi M Asrun said, his client was indeed experiencing pain. 

Andi explained, Nurdin did not have a stroke but was affected by Vertigo and Gastric Pains so he was treated at the Abdi Waluyo hospital

"Mr. Nurdin this Friday afternoon (17/01/2020) has returned to the KPK Detention Center," Andi said on Friday (1/17/2020)

Nurdin's attorney said, initially his client was taken to the RSCM by the KPK Detention Officer on Friday morning (01/10/2020) due to illness, but because the treatment room was full, finally the non-active Governor of the Riau Islands was brought to Abdi Waluyo Hospital in Central Jakarta. 

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"We deny the news that Mr. Nurdin had a stroke, that is not true," he said.

Andi explained, the KPK Prosecutor also gave advice that Nurdin be delivered from the KPK detention. He immediately submitted a request to deliver Nurdin from 11 January 2020 to 17 January 2020.

Andi said that Nurdin's health condition had gradually recovered and was allowed to return to the KPK Detention Center. 

Nurdin's attorney conveyed, at the upcoming trial, Nurdin gave the ability to attend the trial next Wednesday (01/22/2020) with an agenda of statements from witnesses in the business community.



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