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Tears and Laughter Coloring the Return of WNI from Natuna, Here's the Moment

'Thank you guys, thank you to the TNI, thank you for everything, you are all extraordinary. Hopefully we can meet again,' shouted them.

Laughter and tears accompanied the atmosphere of repatriation of 238 Indonesian citizens after undergoing the observation period in Natuna, Saturday (02/15/2020) - 14 days passed doing life activities together is not a short thing. Sleeping together, exercising, eating together and laughing and sharing their feelings in the hangar.

Now they will put an end to all that. Accompanying the departure and parting with friends as well as the officers during the activities in the hangar to write stories and experiences that are so profound. 

"Thank you guys, thank you to the TNI, thank you for everything, you are all extraordinary. Hopefully we can meet again," shouted the citizens before leaving the hangar, Saturday (02/15/2020).

An observation participant from Kendari, Putri, admitted that she was sad to leave her friends while doing activities in the Hangar. 

However, Putri explained, in every meeting there would be a moment of separation. 

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"Now, this historic moment will be a motivation for us to continue our studies," she said. 

Several other students also looked sad. Some even shed a tears.

Not only Putri, a TNI officer from the Marine unit who accompanied hundreds of Indonesian Citizens for 14 days, namely Pratu Sigit, claimed that. 

"Of course this is a very valuable experience in a humanitarian mission. We share, tell each other and motivate each other," he said.

"When asked how it feels, the departure of the hundreds of Indonesian citizens makes me sad. But the mission has ended. Now the hangar is quiet. Usually busy, we play together, exercise together, but now it becomes quiet," he said while showing the hangar that now quiet. ( Lumbantobing) 

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